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A Brief Overview of VeriDry, LLC

VeriDry is a Free-Market solution that benefits those involved in water damage mitigations and claims. We have a "boots on the ground" peer review approach and a rating system that rewards correct business practices.

Property Owner — We empower the consumer with information:

  1. A VP Score™ they can use to choose "their" contractor based on a combination of professional standards and consumer feedback.
  2. Receive proof via a Certificate of Dry issued by an independant 3rd party that confirms their property has been cleaned and dried to industry standards before repairs begin, and keep their property values high through proper certification when they sell their property.

Water Mitigation Contractor — We encourage them to perform structural drying and minimize rip and replace attitudes and procedures by:

  1. Minimizing liability and rewarding proper business practices.
  2. VeriDry provides referrals for additional work based on mitigation performance.
  3. VeriDry also delivers mitigators direct payment from the insurance company upon completion.

Insurance Company — With Water Mitigation Contractors minimizing rip and replace and setting the correct drying equipment, insurance companies are lowering overall claim cost. Collecting Data from the insured regarding claim experience can help them increase customer satisfaction and retention.

VeriDry was founded by a 30 year veteran of the cleaning and restoration industry with the goal to deliver a better experience to the consumer, provide a level "playing field" for the mitigation contractors on which to compete, and to bring overall insurance costs down by holding to industry standards and rewarding good business practices.

We have teamed with MediaRif, to create a seamless web-based experience and Impact Marketing Group, LLC for relationship marketing to the insurance and restoration market.

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