Certificate Of Dry

Certificate of Dry™

VeriDry For ContractorsWhen you request a Certificate of Dry from VeriDry you get at least four benefits:

First, you have PROOF, by a third party, that your property has been returned to sanitary and dry "pre-loss condition". Which you can put with your disaster cleanup detailed scope of work and invoice. Place these documents in your property folder, so you have it when you sell the property. This will assist you in full disclosure and retain the full resell value of your property.

Second, it provides you peace of mind that there will not be any future damage because of incomplete drying from this water damage event.

Third, you will know that your mitigation contractors' drying records were reviewed to make sure appropriate charges for equipment and services were charged. By insisting on a Certificate of Dry™, you are helping to keep claim size down and insurance premiums or deductibles from skyrocketing.

Fourth, you get to rate the contractors' performance, helping other property owners "choose a contractor" based on performance. Participating Contractors welcome the chance to prove they perform to the highest standards and encourage you to request a Certificate of Dry™ as part of Post-Restoration Verification.

Certificate of Dry


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