Contractors Benefit with VeriDry

VeriDry For ContractorsVeriDry was created by contractors for contractors and is focused on creating an environment in which the best Water Mitigation Companies can rise to the top. Any qualified contractor/company can participate.

Compete Head to Head — Every Participating Contractor will be rated and compared to others in the same geographical area. Each company will receive a Verified Performance Score (VP Score). The score is based on the Business Profile, the VeriDry Inspectors' Evaluation of the Job Performance, and the final Customer Questionnaire. Property Owners will get to see the final VP Score next to Participating Contractors, as they shop & compare contractors.

Get More Jobs — Each Participating Contractor's VP Score will be available on the VeriDry website. The website will be the main online and primary first point of contact for all property owners. VeriDry and participating Insurance companies will direct each claimant there and encourage them to select one of the participating contractors in their area.

Get Paid Directly — Participating Contractor will receive a Certificate of Completion and Direct Pay Authorization from the property owner once the work is approved by the VeriDry inspectors and the property owner receives the official "Certificate of Dry". This means that each Participating Contractor will get paid directly from participating insurance companies.

Lower Liability — When VeriDry sends in an inspector to verify performance, VeriDry assumes much of the liability regarding future mold claims. By stating that the structure was cleaned and dried to industry standards in a timely manner, the contractor liability is reduced. If there is a future claim, VeriDry will provide proof that the drying services and inspection were completed and met all applicable industry standards.

For more information on how to become a Participating Contractor, please fill out this form. A representative will contact you soon to confirm.

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