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VeriDry For Insurers

What sets apart a Brick and Mortar Insurance Agency from their competition? If you think it is your personal service then VeriDry was made for you.

VeriDry delivers a higher Standard of Care, which results in higher client retention and referrals. Every time an agent engages, it's worth $3,140 to the agent.

This is how:

A policyholder in the midst of a water disaster finds him/herself trapped between:

  1. Their insurance company whose adjusters exist to find ways to reduce the payout for insurance claims, and
  2. Contractors interested in making projects bigger and more profitable.

Imagine feeling abandoned by those who you faithfully paid premiums to all those years! It is no surprise that most leave to find a better service...or Standard of Care.

VeriDry not only solves this challenge, but does so in style! Resulting in 3 to 5 referrals from those same policyholders that would have left without the VeriDry process.

VeriDry Ensures Client Satisfaction, a Retention Must

When damage happens, VeriDry acts as a 3rd party inspector. Our IICRC Master Water Restorers stand ready to inspect your clients' damage and do the following:

  1. Determine the scope of loss.
  2. Verify that filing a claim is the right thing to do.
  3. Help your client to choose a qualified, honest contractor.
  4. Set a parameter of the loss based on industry standard of care.
  5. Verify that the contractor does the job right.
  6. Preserves the value of the property.

VeriDry does this by retaining high quality personnel and streamlining the claim process for your clients. Our representatives consult your clients all the way through the process, answering questions and ensuring that damage is repaired correctly.

To help accomplish this, VeriDry offers a list of vetted contractors with high VP Scores (Verified Performance Scores) from which your clients can choose. This gives your clients the control they need to be sure that damaged property will be properly repaired.

How Much Does It Cost?

VeriDry is free to you!

We cover our costs by offering the following:

  1. Contractor referrals from a list of participating contractors with VP Scores.
  2. Lead and asbestos testing, if needed, to speed up mitigation.
  3. A "Certificate of Dry" to preserve property value.
  4. If required, a Scope of Work to help adjusters control costs during the process of a claim (rather than fighting over the bill at the end).

VeriDry Makes Customer Satisfaction Easy for You

When damage occurs and clients call, you can tell them that you are interested in resolving loss immediately. Just tell your clients to expect a call from a VeriDry consultant to guide them through the process.

Next, call us at 855-379-6692 or email at request@veridry.net with your client's name and phone number. We will contact them within the hour.

We will call you with a report on our findings. This gives you the information you need to advise your client on whether or not a claim is beneficial.

To meet the VeriDry manager and go over details please call 855-379-6692

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