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Insurance Companies and VeriDry

VeriDry For InsurersVeriDry is a 3rd party verification process that confirms the quality of work provided by the mitigation contractors and the experience of the homeowner on behalf of insurance companies. We confirm and document that the structure is "dry" according to all industry standards during an in-person visit and provide those involved with a "Certificate of Dry". VeriDry certification removes the risk insurance companies would have over any future related issue.

At-A-Glance Overview

Water mitigation claims have increased from $2,500 per claim to over $15,000 per claim in just 10 years. This increase is a symptom of a common business practice referred to as "When in doubt, rip it out."

VeriDry eliminates the incentives currently in place that create poor policy. With the incentives corrected, the average claim cost is expected to drop in the markets that VeriDry serves. In summary, VeriDry addresses the following industry challenges:

  1. High Claim Costs - VeriDry eliminates the common higher cost policy of "When in doubt, rip it out."
  2. Poor Quality - the VeriDry process verifies a job well done and documents professional standards are met.
  3. Invoice "Fluffing" - VeriDry reduces common overcharging for unnecessary equipment and services.
  4. Future Claim Liabilities - VeriDry bears the liability for any future issue related to incomplete drying.
  5. Customer Retention - VeriDry provides: a) a positive homeowner experience, and b) the survey data Insurance Companies need to retain them.

What Is Required?

  1. Agreement to use VeriDry and pay the verification and other inspection services in water and mold mitigation claims.
  2. A contact person to coordinate claims, documentation, and homeowner experience.
  3. Agreement to pay Contractors direct upon successful certification.

For more information on how to become a Participating Insurer, please fill out this form. A representative will contact you to confirm.

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