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Sewer Back-Up In My House: What Do I Do Now?

April 18, 2014 | Contributor admin

There is a sewer back-up in my house: what do I do now?

Distraught home-owners ask themselves this every day. Many people think that cleaning up a sewer back-up is no big deal, that they don’t need help. Yet, the perception of mold damage is a different matter. Most think mold damage must be handled by a mold remediation company. The truth is, a sewer back-up is more dangerous than mold. ┬áThere are bacteria, viruses, and blood borne pathogens that can have a lasting effect on those exposed to them. (more…)

Is A Toilet Overflow Really That Bad?

April 18, 2014 | Contributor admin

When a toilet overflows, biological contaminates in the water spread on the floor. The water might appear to be clear but that doesn’t mean it is clean. Some call it “grey water.” Contractors call it Category 2. Sometimes a toilet overflow can mean demolition is required. This is dependent on whether the spill is category 2, “gray water,” or category 3, “black water.” So who makes the call as to whether demolition is required? Sometimes it is best to bring in a 3rd party inspector to make sure everyone is honest. (more…)

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